Friday, September 11, 2009

Sophie is Home!

We are so happy... Sophie came home on August 31st. Chris and I are so happy to see her sitting at our house in her bouncy chair. It has been an adjustment for us... Sophie came home on Oxygen and with a g-tube (feeding tube) and with an oxygen alarm to let us know if she is having trouble breathing (a good thing... but it has many, many false alarms). Because of her current medical needs we also have nursing care in the house for her. We have a nurse in the house every day from 8-4. We also are working on getting a few night shifts (because of her alarm one of us has to be up and available to her all night). We are looking forward to a few nights off!

Chris started back at work this week. I go back to work on October 1st.

Thank you so much for all of your support and care! Chris and I will try to continue to update this on occasion with exciting Himmelet news! Feel free to also follow Maggie, Charlie, and Sophie's progress on Facebook (they have a Himmel fan group)- check with Chris or I for a link if you need!