Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nursery and other "things"

I for one, can't believe that February School Vacation Week is almost over. It was way to short this year. But busy and productive (as long as you don't look at the piles of "stuff" I meant to clean up... I guess I have a day and a half to accomplish that right???).

This vacation, Chris painted the nursery. He got some help from (and we have to send out kudos to) Rachel. Wow.. it looks great. Once Chris gets the ceiling fan up and we move back a little bit of the furniture that will live in the room, we'll post pictures!

Chris and I also registered (figured, since bed rest is looming- or at least that is how it feel to me-- better do it soon) for all the "stuff" babies need. Wow... they need a lot huh? We tried to not register for the extras we won't need, but sheets, cribs, blankets, bottles, and car seats seemed important! We registered at for the cribs (the room has slanted ceilings so it was a bit of a challenge to find cribs which would fit). We went to Babysrus (store and online) for most of the stuff they seem to think we need. Lastly, has a few things which we were unable to find at Target or Babysrus. Do you know how hard it is to find thing that are "premie" sized??? What an eye-opener. And premie clothes are so small.... good god, are they really going to be that small!!!! With our little "brood" being born at 35 weeks (at best) I at least figured it made sense to have some stuff which they won't swim in, and if they don't need it, I am not removing tags and will return it or donate it to the NICU happily!

We have another doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Hoping to hear more good news. I always go to these appointments worrying that this will be the week I am told, "no more work for you- Bedrest". No real reason to think it will happen though. No cramping. No visable problems. That's good. My goal remains to make it to April School Vacation Week... then my leave through to the start of the new school year will be paid!

Oh, and for all who are interested- I still have a belly button. If your guess has gone by, feel free to guess again!

Will update with doctor's appointment info and hopefully nursery pictures on Wednesday/Thursday- Erin

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