Thursday, January 15, 2009

The beginning!

The Friday after New Year's Chris and I went to the OB's office for a routine ultrasound. It was at the end of 12 weeks. The week before during our OB appointment they were unsure if they could hear two heartbeats, so they wanted us to get it checked. Well, at the ultrasound appointment we quickly discovered that we are not destined to be the parents of twins... but instead Triplets!

It was a long weekend filled with panic and uncertainty. We went back to the OB's and were promptly given a referral to see a Perinatologist with Beth Israel hospital in Boston. Since we have met with him, Dr. Hamar, and he gave us a lot of really good information. All three babies look good. Currently they are all measuing within a day of each other, and are measuring right on target. They also all have nice strong heartbeats! Yay! We are now in week 14.

So, feel free to tag along on this crazy ride to Triplet happiness (or at least contentment we hope!).

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