Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 15

It is amazing at how quickly Erin's belly grows!

People finally think Erin looks pregnant!

We are almost done with week 15. Slowly getting closer to our goal of at least making it to 32 week. This week Erin started to feel "something" going on in her abdomen... it felt like she swallowed a butterfly. One of the triplets has also taken to bouncing like a trampoline on her bladder (or at least that is how it feels!).

We will be 16 weeks on Tuesday and then have another perinatal appointment in Boston on Wednesday. We'll update again after that!


  1. I love the blog-especially the pics! Keep it up! When you are bedridden it will be your sanity :)

  2. Hah .... I'm bigger than that and I'm not even pregnant!

  3. I love how you already have plenty of toys on hand, hehehe.