Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 18... still on bedrest!

I am so proud of myself... it is day 18 of lying on the couch/lying in bed- and I still can be socially appropriate when people come over! Yay! This past Wednesday I got to have another adventure into Boston. The adventure started with Whitney driving me to the Liberty Tree Mall to meet up with Chris (so he did not have to take any time off work for the doctor's appointment). I even got to go into Target to go to the bathroom! Then Chris and I drove into Boston. The poor doctor was running late due to several emergencies. I was very happy to wait- that it was not me who was having the emergency! The doctor said that I am doing very well and everything is staying stable. Basically I was told to continue doing what I have been- lying down in at least a semi-recline... on my side as much as possible, getting up for only 5 minutes or so per hour. It isn't fun, but as long as it continues to work it is worth it!

Today, Chris is upstairs putting together 3 cribs! It is going to be strange to see the 3 cribs put together. It makes the whole thing more real (not like bedrest hasn't made things real already!). It also sounds like we will have the triplet's dresser soon... Whitney has been refinishing a dresser she used as a kid. I can't wait to see it in the nursery.

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