Friday, May 8, 2009

The Himmel Triplets have arrived!

The Himmel Triplets have arrived. After meeting with the radiologist on Thursday afternoon we discovered that Sophia's umbilical cord blood flow was showing some reversal. Due to this, we decided to push up the delivery. We got back to our room and started to make some phone calls to gather our families all together. Around 6:30 pm, Erin was taken to Labor and Delivery (and chris went with her) for them to start her IV and get all the needed paperwork taken care of! At 8pm, Erin was taken to the OR to start her Spinal anesthesia. It took several tries to get it right... that was the tough part! Once the Spinal was settled the OR staff settled Erin and got her all ready. Chris was brought in (in his cute little blue OR suit) and got to sit next to Erin as they started the surgery. The surgery itself wasn't bad. I couldn't even feel the first cut or anything. It was odd at times when the doctor would start to push and pull... but no pain was felt!

Magdalena Ruby was born at 8:58pm and weighed in at 2lbs 9 oz.
Charles Thomas was born at 8:58pm and weighed in at 2 lbs 7 oz.
Sophia Sada was born at 9:00pm and weighed in at 1 lb 4 oz.

Maggie's appgar scores were a 7 at birth and an 8 at 5 minutes. We could hear her cry in the OR! Charles apgar scores were the same... and we also heard him cry! Sophia's apgar scores were not quite as good: she had a 0 at birth, a 2 at 5 minutes and a 6 at 10 minutes.

Once we got upstairs to the NICU to see the babies, Maggie and Charlie were on C-Pap with room air. They had lines in them for TPN (IV nutrition). Most of their lines are in their umbilical cords. Sophia was started on a regular ventaltor. As the evening went on she got tired and was changed to an Oscalating Ventalator. The great this is that as of this morning she was back on the regular ventaltor! Sophia also received platelets as her blood counts were a bit off.

Last night Grammy and Grandpa Hutch got to meet the babies and love them. Oma and Grumpa Himmel also got to meet the babies and touch each one. They were very patient waiting in the hospital room while everything took place downstairs!

This morning Chris and I went upstairs to check on the babies. Maggie and Charlie look great! They are both fairly happy. We even saw they enjoy sucking on pacifiers! The hope is to start them on Breast milk tomorrow! We were warned that both would likely be under bilirubin lights by this evening for Jaundice- which is very normal for their size! Sophia also looked quite good this morning. She is still tiny, but was very active kicking her legs and opening her eyes! She had a brain ultrasound done this morning and we were informed by her nurse that the ultrasound came back as normal! They have started her on antibiotics as a precaution while they continue to make sure that she is just a little thing and that there isn't anything else going on wrong with her! She was started under the bilirubin lights as well. There is talk of starting her on food fairly quickly! It's amazing. She is still very fragile, but things definitally look better for her today. Please keep up your prayers and good thoughts- they are certainly working!

I am doing okay today. Some mild pain around the c-section incision. Luckily the pain meds I have been given have made a huge difference! I have already walked a small amount to the bathroom and have stood up in the NICU when visiting the babies. I am trying to take it easy and not over do things. I am a bit tired... may try for a nap later on! I currently still have a catheter in as well as an IV... however it appears both will be removed around 9pm tonight. I am supposed to try to take a walk outside on the floor later today as well! I started pumping today and so far have done fairly well... I actually got a little bit out!

Today, my sister Tonya and my brother-in-law Andy stopped in to meet the babies! Later on, great-grandmother Muti, Chris' sister Whitney and Mere, as well Oma and Grumpa are coming by to meet (re-meet) the babies. Grammy and Grandpa are also stopping in shortly.

Things are looking good. Keep the babies in mind and keep all prayers and good thoughts coming! It has been a good day so far! We'll update with any changes.


  1. Glad to hear the good news. The bilirubin lights were invented by the Neonatologist who was one of the founders of the VT-Oxford Network (Beth Israel is a member.) You might ask your Neonatalogist if he has heard of Dr. Lucey.

    We hope things continue to go well.

    Jim and Lynn Stillman

  2. Ann Marie and everyone in room 149 are very happy for you and are keeping your family in our thoughts. Take care.

  3. Welcome Charlie, Maggie and Sophia! Keeping all of you in my prayers. Tracy B

  4. Totally different situations, but to make a little bright-side on Sophie's apgars... Ethan was a 1 at birth and 6 at 10 min. He's now 16 months and strong as an ox! :)

    I'm so excited for you all!
    Allyson (Midge)

  5. Erin and Chris, I am so happy for you! I will keep Charlie, Maggie and Sophia in my thoughts and prayers. Erin, Happy Mother's Day! Linda Fortunato

  6. We love you.... the babies are soooo adorable!!!!!!
    Wish I had thighs like that!!!! Please call if you need anything....xoxoxoxox Bethany