Monday, May 25, 2009

Maggie's NICU Spa Day (and a fun day for all)!

Mommy and Maggie right before her shampoo!

Yesterday when we were at the NICU I noticed that Maggie's hair was looking a tad yucky- so I asked her nurse last night if we could give her a bath. When we were told yes, I was thrilled! Today Chris and I headed into Boston earlier than normal so we could give her a bath- unfortunately traffic got in our way, so instead of a bath we gave her a shampoo! It was so much fun. Maggie and Charlie had a very fun nurse today who dubbed Maggie's shampoo as her "spa day in the NICU".... tee hee! Enjoy the pictures!

Maggie sporting the "Salon cape"... gotta keep those clothes dry!

Getting a warm towel massage!

Getting the shampoo rubbed in.. that feels good!

Rinsing her hair!

Yay, now I am nice and clean smelling!

Getting her hair dried (and sporting the ever fashinable "yeti" look).

It is very nice to be clean! Thanks Mommy and nurse Melissa (and my photographer, Daddy)

Today I also got to dress Charlie in a new outfit! While the nurses do an awesome job of picking out cute clothes for them (and I think love that part of their job), it is fun to pick out their outfits myself (such a normal mommy thing to do).

Sporting a very fashionable brown striped onsie!

Due to a "diaper problem", Charlie is now wearing a really cute light green onsie with a cute blue dinosaur.

We still get some of the best expressions from Charlie!

Chris also got to hold Sophie today. It is so nice to see more of her face- she has her new C-PAP nose prongs on. Despite having Daddy's undivided attention, Sophie decided that she wanted more people paying attention to her! She decided to sneeze out her C-PAP nasal prong while being held. Luckily, the nurses were very calm and replaced it quickly!

Daddy and Sophie. Sitting together, looking quite comfy.

Sophie's new purple hat.

A better facial shot than we have gotten in a long time! Sophie seems so much more comfy without her other C-PAP nasal prongs.

Hanging out with Daddy.


  1. The babies are soooo cute! I love the pictures. We think of you everyday at work. Take care. Ann Marie

  2. Hi, Chris & Erin, Maggie, Charlie & Sophie!
    I'm Joyce Talbot's daughter-in-law, Dena. We also live in Amesbury and have 5 month old twin girls. I read in one of your posts that you were "honored". That is exactly how I feel about our little ones. I often hear while I am out with them comments like "OH, wow! You have twins...", like they feel sorry for me. I don't! I love being their mommy! You will get these comments, too (probably more, with the 3 of yours!). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, need for advice, info on the NICU at Anna Jaques if you are thinking of transferring them. I absolutely loved the nurses in the NICU. They are a level 2, I believe. Lauren (my little one at 4-7) was in for 17 days and Ellison (5-3) was in for 23. I had them at Brigham & Women's (6weeks, 2 days early)and they were transferred on day 6.

    We'll keep you and your little one in our thoughts and prayers!
    Dena Talbot

  3. Erin, I just read your comment on my blog and felt pulled to respond to you right away. As you know, I've never been the parent of multiples, but I *was* the parent to three small children at one time. (When Kendrie was born, Kellen was one and Brayden was two.) I KNOW your challenges are different and much more difficult, but I wanted to encourage you and let you know I will be thinking of you.

    Not sure if you've already investigated any Mothers of Multiples clubs in your area, or even Yahoo support sites, but I'd bet you could get some encouragement there from plenty of people who have been there, done that.

    The babies are beautiful, and I hope things continue to improve so you are all home together soon!!

  4. Hey there, saw your comment on Kristie's blog about "Rage." My boys are now 9 and 7, so at least from one mom's standpoint, it definitely gets better. Can't speak for all the extra stress of the NICU and multiples, but they do grow up, they do eventually sleep, they learn to eat by themselves, wipe by themselves and make it all the way to the bathroom when they have to puke! And pretty soon I fear all they will want from me is food and clean laundry!!! :0)

    Hang in there. There is no challenge in the world like being a new mommy. It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have EVER done! Welcome to the club!!! You'll do great!