Sunday, May 24, 2009


Since I know what everyone who comes to look at this site is looking for: A baby update... we'll start with that.

The babies are awesome. Maggie and Charlie are officially considered Feeders and Growers. This means that they are not being looked at as a concern for major problems at this point- don't worry- they are still watched very closely. Now, for them the main focus is on getting some weight onto their skinny little bodies and watching them outgrow some of the typical preemie problems: mainly they need to learn how to take food by mouth (we'll start bottle/breast feeding for some nutrition in a week and a half or so), to stop having apneas and bradycardias (when they forget to breath or their heart rate drops), and when they can consistently maintain their body temperature without any additional help. Right now Maggie is 2lb 14 oz! Charlie is 2lb 10.6oz! The other really big news with them is they graduated to wearing clothes and being swaddled. They look really cute. They currently have some heat still in their isolettes mainly because the nurses are concerned with them using up too much energy keeping their temperatures stable, and right now we want their energy to be used to gain weight and grow!

Maggie in her very first outfit. So cute! A brown with pink polka dots with a sheep. It says: Baby Girl.

Charlie, all swaddled up... our little baby burrito. He loves to sleep when he is being held.

Sophie is also doing quite well. She has had her c-pap machine changed: instead of the large 2-prong c-pap that goes around her head she is now using the one prong c-pap that goes into one nostril. This is because the pressure of the other c-pap was irritating her nose. This was the same thing that happened with Maggie a few weeks ago. Luckily by changing the type of c-pap and using some ointment on Sophie's nose, it should be "all better" really soon. Sophie is also getting a series of Vitamin A shots- there was a study which showed that a series of 12 vitamin A shots helps reduce the long term effects of using mechanical breathing assistance. Sophie has been a lot more alert during care times and has been keeping her eyes open for longer periods. This is wonderful to see. She is such a strong little girl. The doctors tried one more time to do a lumbar puncture on Sophie the other day, however they were unable to use the fluid they got as it was tainted with blood. Due to this, the team has decided to continue Sophie's antibiotics for several more days- just to be on the safe side. Every time I look at Sophie I feel amazed that she is doing so well and so proud to be her mommy! Chris and I get the privilege of holding her every other day (because of her size). Since we take turns, this means I only get to hold my peanut every 4 days... but it is worth it to see Chris holding and loving on her!

Mommy cuddling with the little peanut: Sophie. How cute and tiny she is!

Now, to the reason I titled this post: Honored. I truly feel honored to be these little babies' mommy. I feel blessed beyond belief. But, I am also honored to be Chris' wife. It is amazing to watch him through this entire experience. First, when I was on bed rest he took care of me, the house, the laundry, and at times the grocery shopping. And let me tell you, staying home on the couch everyday often left me very cranky- and Chris was usually able to cheer me up and help my mood! Then when we got admitted to the hospital and I was scared and worried, he helped keep me calm and as relaxed as he could. In the operating room he was the biggest help... he talked to me and told me what was going on... and he took pictures of the babies so I could look at them while in recovery. In the hospital- he took great care of me, making sure I got pain medication when I needed them, that the nurses took care of me when needed, and that I took care of me. Then my incision opened, and he has been taking care of it every day... go surgeon daddy! But the most wonderful thing to me is to watch him taking care of our children... taking their temperatures, changing their diapers, calming them down, and holding them. I am honored to have him as my husband and the father of my children. I love you Chris!

Chris holding our little baby burrito: Charlie. He was wearing a cute little blue onsie underneath.


  1. Wow, you are a wonderful family, and those babies are just beautiful. They are lucky to have such amazing parents!

  2. I love the pictures, they are great! Linda F.

  3. they are so beautiful...and the tiny! Very, very sweet!