Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week 30... the excitement begins.

Hi. Well I am writing this entry bright and early Thursday morning from my hospital bed at Beth Israel. To put it mildly, yesterday did not go the way Chris and I had hoped it would. We had our appointment at radiology and then with our doctor. When we met with the doctor he let us know that Sophia has not really grown (at least by what they can measure at this point) in the last 2 weeks. At this point she also has little to no discernible fluid around her. Maggie and Charlie are doing well. They keep growing and have good fluid levels. Because of this, I got my first of 2 steroid shots (and I checked... I will not be able to go hit a really good home run for the Red Sox nor will the babies after these) yesterday. The steroid shots should help the babies' lungs mature a bit as well as some vasular system and gut growth. This is important. Today we will meet with the NICU (neonatal Intensive Care Unit) staff as well as have some further testing done to make sure that the cord blood on Sophie does not reverse. As long as she remains stable from yesterday it sounds like the Himmel triplets will arrive Friday late afternoon/evening. I will update more after our consults today when I know more. At this point we know that Charlie and Maggie are doing well and should do alright in the NICU and we know that Sophie needs to be born and to go to the NICU in order to get the nutrients and oxygen to grow and thrive so this is the right thing to do. Just a bit scary to me.

Our current contact info:
Room: 638, Stoneman
Beth Israel, Boston

Room phone: 617-667-6272. You can also reach us on our cell phones at this point.

Chris is with me. I am so blessed to have him here. He really knows how to keep me calm and collected.



  1. Hey Erin,
    Funny, I called your house yesterday to say hi and see how you were....want you to know that we are thinking of you all. We'll continue to read your updates. Joyce

  2. Praying in CT...we need PICTURES! :)