Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Made it to 26 weeks... and opening day for the Red Sox!

Well, Thanks to a postponement due to rain yesterday, Opening day of the Boston Red Sox fell on the day I made it to 26 weeks! Wow. It's hard to believe that I have made it this far! Only 9 more weeks until these babies arrive (remember we are aiming for making it to our c-section at 35 weeks). Making it to 26 weeks means really good chances for these babies. I'll feel better though, once I get past 28 weeks. For most of the preemie world, 28 weeks is a huge milestone. It lowers the chances of long term developmental issues, and has a really good survival rate (80%) with 32 weeks being awesome with a survival rate of 90%. Also at 32 weeks usually the lungs are ready to support the baby and the baby is close to being able to suck, so feedings can be easier! 32 weeks is the average delivery age of triplets, but those who know me know that I can be an overachiever so I am aiming for 35 weeks... the longest triplets can stay in the womb! Some triplets at 35 weeks even go home from the hospital with their parents! ( Although I am preparing myself for a NICU stay of some length).

Last weeks appointment went alright... some slight shortening of my cervix, but the doctor just felt he wanted to keep monitoring it. I have been taking it really easy this week at home... hopefully there will be no more cervical changes tomorrow at my next appointment. And I gained some more weight! (I think this is the first, and only time I am excited about seeing my weight go up on the scale. I know it means the babies are growing!). Tomorrow I get to drink my "yummy" (if I keep telling myself that, maybe it'll be true) Orange glucose drink... we get to see if I fail my first gestational diabetes test. The doctor warned me that with 3 babies and placentas I most likely will! I am also hoping to get baby weights tomorrow! Chris and I should be having a consult with a NICU doctor in the next few weeks... just so we know what to expect.

I was looking at the Red Sox schedule (for those who don't know, Chris and I are going to be having the Triplets at Beth Israel Hospital which is in the Fenway area of Boston... it actually is the "Official hospital of the Boston Red Sox") so I figured I better find out if any games are going to be a problem. Let's just say, Chris and my rides into Boston shouldn't be too bad, but there are an awful lot of Wednesday night games (7pm) so leaving the hospital should be fun. I'm glad Chris is driving!

I'll try hard to update Thursday or Friday with results of tomorrow's appointment.

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