Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 27 Doctor's Appointment

Tonight Chris and I went into our standard Wednesday doctor's appointment. Maggie and Charlie looked "perfect". Sophie is still looking a little small and her amniotic fluid looks low. The doctor measured the blood flow through her umbilical cord. The flow into Sophie looks good, the return flow looked a little weak towards the end of a Cardiac cycle. The doctor said that this does not look "reassuring" but is not "ominous". This is good news right now. He said it is likely a placenta issue and is caused by there being 3 placentas so Sophie's is not implanted in an area with as strong a vascular system. We go back next week and he will look again at her size and the fluid levels. If they remain small/low then we will discuss closer monitoring (hospitalization?) and getting steroid shots to mature the babies lungs. He did tell us that there is a chance that next week it can be "all better". I was also happy to learn that it is not caused by anything I did: diet, fluid intake, and amount of time lying down will not affect this (although for all reading: I am still drinking ridiculously large amounts of water, eating the best I can, and lying down 90% of the time... much of it on my left side). Sophie could use some good thoughts sent her way... we are not panicking about this at this point, just being cautious.

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