Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week 26 doctor's appointment!

Wednesday's doctor's appt. went very well. We got baby weights: Baby A (Maggie): 2lbs 1 oz. Baby B (Charlie): 1lb 10 oz. Baby C(Sophie): 1lb 4 oz. The doctor said Sophie looks small but that he had a lot of trouble getting good measurements as Sophie is tucked behind the other 2. The doctor wasn't too worried... said he would just keep checking on Sophie over the next few weeks!

I should get a call from the office tomorrow setting up appts. for me with physical therapy (I have lost a lot of muscle tone over the past 6 weeks of lying down and they are worried about my recovery unless we start a pt program) and a NICU consult for when I am 28 weeks.

I also had a glucose challenge test (1 hour test for gestational diabetes)- I passed it! Yay, no more gestational diabetes testing!

My cervix has stayed stable from last week, so that is also good! Chris and I go back next Wednesday. Things are definitally moving along. My belly is getting bigger. I no longer have an "innie- bellybutton". A few contractions on occasion, pressure if I stand "too long"... but they all go away quickly. Extra water and putting my feet up higher always stops everything, and I havn't had more than 2 contrations in an hour, normally it is more like 1 a day... not to bad!

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