Friday, April 24, 2009

Week 28 Fun for all

This weeks doctor's appointment went well. We first met with the NICU (neonatal (infant) Intensive Care Unit) staff. The neonatalogist we met with was amazing. He was very kind and honest. He didn't use a lot of scare tactics but told us what we would see if the babies were born this week, at week 30, or at week 32. He told us all about what the babies would look like... what kinds of respiratory support the babies would need, and how the babies would get nutrition. The the doctor gave us a tour of the NICU. It was calm and organized inside. I felt like the babies will be safe and well cared for there.

Afterwards we went to see our normal Perinatalogist. It was a good appointment. We found out that all 3 have good amiotic fluid levels! This is an improvement for Sophia! Then we got new weights for the babies. Magggie measured at 2lb 6oz, Charlie measured at 2lb 4oz, and Sophie is still small at 1lb 10 oz. We go back next week for a quick cervix check and a quick ultrasound look at the babies: heatrates and amiotic fluid levels! Then when we are at 30 weeks we go in to Radiology to get more accurate weights. Radiology has machinery which should be able to get a better view of Sophie.

Tomorrow we will be having a final bash for Chris' birthday with some of his college friends and some other friends. It should be fun!

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